A Trip Down the Aisle (Avoid these embarrassing mistakes!)

A Trip Down the Aisle I am a wedding officiant. I stand front and center and have watched over a hundred brides walking down the aisle toward her groom. Or, […]

A Trip Down the Aisle

I am a wedding officiant. I stand front and center and have watched over a hundred brides walking down the aisle toward her groom.

Or, rather, try to walk down the aisle.

It can be painful. Not unlike a train wreck, I find myself riveted to the less than graceful journeys down the aisle.  I’m not alone; gasps and murmurs escape guest’s mouths, despite their attempt to appear they did not notice a bride’s flounder, trip, or tangle.

I often wonder if this is the true reason a bride’s father walks her down the aisle- to keep her upright.

A little pre-planning for your trip down the aisle will help, well, prevent a trip down the aisle. They work for bridesmaids, too!

In love with glittery high heels or red stilettos? Forgo the potential ankle twisters, and feet busters for a cootsie pair of ballet slippers for the ceremony. You’ll be comfortable and sure-footed. Slip on your knock out, heartthrob shoes for pictures and the garter toss after you’re a Mrs.

Hem your dress. Take the shoes you will be wearing when you get your dress hemmed so your seamstress can ensure you won’t be stepping on the front of your dress when you walk. Give it a test walk after the hemming, a good walk, not a few steps.

Does your dress have a large train? Add pages to your wedding party to lift and carry your train down the aisle. This will prevent the heavy train from pulling the front of your dress, distorting the fit of the bodice and flow, and catching on pews, chairs, canes, etc. as you make your way down the aisle.

Say no to paper aisle runners. I have yet to encounter one single paper aisle runner that did not bunch, tangle feet or blow away, no matter the creative attempts to anchor them down with tape, rocks or spikes. Rent an aisle runner, or check ebay, I’ve found them for sale online for around $100.00

Walking down a grass aisle? Revisit the first tip to prevent a trips, and add on the sinkage effect. Thin heels will sink into soft grass, and while the venue may appreciate your help in aerating their lawn, it’s hard to look composed while pulling plugs of grass and dirt out with each step. Can’t live without heels? Check out acrylic discs that fit over the bottom of your heel, such as Penny Heels, they prevent sinkage and mud and grass stains from ruining your shoes.

Not being ‘given away’?  Consider an escort anyway. Have a brother or friend help you down the aisle so you can keep your chin up and a smile on your face and not worry about any obstacles or dangers before you. I’ve seen too many brides staring at the floor for her entire processional.

Have a pre-ceremony glass of wine to steady the nerves? It should be a no-brainer, but keep the alcohol light, not only so you don’t stagger down the aisle and embarrass yourself, but your officiant may not allow you to engage in a legally binding contract if you’re intoxicated!

Take is nice a slow down the aisle, if you do have a little trip or incident, right yourself, smile and continue onward, it probably won’t be the only little mishap that will happen on your wedding day, and will make for a good laugh later on.


Rev. Stacey K. Miles, owner of Uniquely, I Do, is a non-denominational wedding officiant and has married hundreds of couples. She has witnessed many beautiful, magical, humorous, outrageous, and unbelievable moments happen in wedding ceremonies, and loves sharing her stories with Brides-To-Be!

For information on having her perform your wedding service please contact her through her website at www.uniquely-i-do.com

This article was first published on her blog, Let’s Get Married